Tom Frogge, Partner and Founder

Exxedus Capital Partners, LLC

tomfroggeFounder and partner in Exxedus Capital Partners-business consulting focused. Business development activities, business growth strategies including sales and marketing. Also-a work out and turn around firm. We provide debt restructuring, real estate acquisition and refinance consulting, capital transactions. Our turn around services are delivered with a balance sheet focused approach.

Exxedus works with troubled and profitable companies to help them grow and prosper. We are seasoned professionals with a wide variety of experience and expertise. Our vast contacts and relationships can help your business connect with the right opportunity or expertise.

Profitabilty improvement, credit facility improvement, overall business improvement, strategy and planning expertise.

Tom, a CPA, has extensive experience as an expert witness testifying on valuation, damage determinations, bankruptcy and accounting issues. In addition to his testimony Tom has assisted clients and legal counsel as a consultant in numerous valuation issues, damage calculations and debt restructuring and work out situations.

Tom retired early from BKD, LLP (May 2011) to found Exxedus Capital Partners with David Corsaut.

Tom has significant experience with real estate development and acquisition issues. He has served real estate syndication clients who acquired apartment and commercial properties in the Midwest and Eastern United States. He has owned real estate for his own account.

Facilitated strategic planning processes including retreats and meetings.

Experience with succession planning and strategies. Implemented several stockholder/owner transitions with significant tax saving strategies. Entrepreneur. Interconnect company, sports event management company, real estate management company, my own CPA firm at age 29.

Professional sports agent. Negotiated contracts, endorsements, appearances and promotional activities. Tax work for several professional athletes. NFL, NHL, MLB

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