Why Sponsor?

Why Should You Sponsor the Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference?

Because you want to leverage an unparalleled opportunity to form meaningful connections with successful women business owners—a growing economic force and purchasing contingent. In addition, as a sponsor of MWBOC, you benefit from the following:

  • Unprecedented Access to an Untapped Market: For an entire day, you can interact with an untapped market—second-stage women business owners. Sponsorship provides access to powerful female decision makers leading growing companies in our region.
  • Captive Audience: Sponsorship provides an unmatched opportunity to cost-effectively market your product or service to more than 450 female CEOs in one place, on one day.
  • Visibility: Women control 80% of consumer spending. Sponsorship allows you to get your brand in front of those who make the majority of purchasing decisions.
  • Credibility and Networking Opportunities: Connect and converse with prospective clients, vendors, partners, and colleagues; demonstrate your capabilities and show your capacity through sponsorship.
  • Legacy Pricing: Sponsor MWBOC this year and receive sponsorship legacy pricing for next year’s conference.
  • Brand Longevity: Because women business owners are both consumers and influencers, the exposure for your brand reaches far beyond a date and a venue.

Harness the intellect, ambition, and financial decision-making power of the Midwest Women Business Owners’ Conference audience. Become a MWBOC sponsor today.

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