Karla Bakersmith, President/CEO

Scrubs & Beyond, Life Uniform, and Uniform City

karlaKarla Bakersmith is the President and CEO of Scrubs & Beyond, LLC. She started the company in 2000 and grew it to chain of 30 stores, a catalog division, an outside sales division catering to hospitals, and a large internet business. In July 2013, the company acquired Life Uniform and Uniform City and merged as one company of 153 stores nationwide. Karla previously worked for Life Uniform as the Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing for 13 years before starting Scrubs & Beyond. The newly formed company is the largest retailer of medical apparel, shoes, and medical accessories in the country. The company is the leader in helping hospitals and other medical entities facilitate dress code changes and also the leader in fashion medical apparel for the medical professional.

Karla was named the recipient of The St. Louis Business Journal’s Most Influential Business Women award in 2004. She was recently named the 2014 Alumni Merit Award recipient from the Harrison College of Business from Southeast Missouri State University; she is also a member of The Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, a member of the Board of Directors for St. Louis Women’s Prosper, a member of the Foundation Board for Mercy Hospital, a member of The Women’s Forum, and a member of the Nursing Advisory Board for UMSL. She is a past member of Vistage International, an organization for CEO’s, a past member of the Board of Advisors for the St. Louis University School of Entrepreneurs, and a past member of the St. Anthony’s Charitable Foundation Board.

Karla is passionate about mentoring and helping other business women grow their businesses. She has spent numerous hours as a coach, a mentor, and a strong advocate of young entrepreneurs helping to grow their careers. “My career was fostered and set in the right direction because my parents and a few key business people took the time to help me grow both professionally and personally. As a business leader, giving back to others has become a hobby. I find that I am not only teaching others, but what I have learned from them has also helped me to grow.”

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