Edward G. Lott, Adjunct Professor of Management

Webster University

Ed_Lott_Cassidy_TurleyEdward Lott stands at the forefront of the fastest-moving research stream in organizational leadership: the Adaptive Leadership framework from Harvard University. A calculated risk-taker with deep leadership knowledge, Edward has championed mobilizing stakeholders to tackle tough challenges and thrive in ever-changing environments. His leadership intervention models have motivated hundreds of people in practice and academia to embrace the “leading from your own chair” concept. Edward is recognized for helping individuals and organizations diagnose, re-frame and lead the strategic initiatives needed to make transformations happen – interventions that have fueled progress in both challenged and thriving markets.

Edward has built a reputation for enthusiastically embracing the core values of innovation, workplace learning and employee engagement to drive performance and growth. He has held leadership roles with Dillard Department Stores, First American Financial Corporation, Coldwell Banker, Centex Homes, Cassidy Turley, Cushman & Wakefield  and Webster University and operates a management consulting company that provides strategic leadership, coaching, employee assessment and development services to individuals and companies. Edward consistently ranks among the top 5% of favorable student reviews at Webster University and has won numerous industry awards for leadership effectiveness and industry service in the home building business.

Edward holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Louis University and both a Masters and his Doctorate in Management from Webster University, where he’s completing his dissertation. He’s developed an original research stream that links supervisory adaptive leadership behaviors to salesperson coachability and adaptive selling behaviors to foster sales performance outcomes and customer loyalty – this quantitative model is the first of its kind to integrate the adaptive leadership framework with the academic literature from the strategic marketing and workplace learning and performance domains to aid practitioners in making intelligent intervention plans in our complex world.  He lives in St. Louis County, is a native of St. Louis (went to Parkway Central), loves old buildings, antiques and vintage guitars in addition to spending his time with his lovely Kathleen Fuller (a fellow Parkway Central graduate), their twin 14 year olds Samantha and Danielle, their precious kitten Kakoo and their out-of-control dog August.


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